Furniture and Upholstery

We have highly skilled cabinet makers and upholstery specialists at hand. Our preference towards high quality ply wood, scratch resistent veneers, Dunlop foams and Warwick fabrics allow you to access the finest ingredients at reasonable cost when upgrading your Motorhome or Campervan.

Furniture Repairs

  • Door And Drawer Front Replacements
  • Bench Top Replacements And Accident Repairs
  • General Refurbishments

Swab and Foam / Mattress Replacements

  • Customised Foam Mattress Replacements (Dunlop)
  • Sun Resistant Warwick Fabric Upholstery Fabrics
  • We Can Offer Competitive Upholstery In All Shapes And Sizes

Layout changes

  • Furniture Amendments
  • Layout Changes


  • Wide Range Of Pattern And Colours
  • Warwick High Quality Materials
  • Customised Drapery
Committed to Climate
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