Motorhome Panel Repairs

As part of our rental and campervan manufacturing plants, we can service various types of motorhome panel repairs at competitive rates. We charge a $90+GST hourly rate plus parts, masking and paint allowances. In some cases we may use subcontractors but will always quote our repairs in advance.

Email us at or call (09) 948-6120

Composite Panel Repairs

We can fix or replace most composite motorhome mouldings, windows, doors, storage hatches and roof vents.


Campervan Panel Repairs

Normal steel panel repairs are not a problem. We are able to cut and weld, remove dents and paint your damaged campervan.


Windscreen Replacements

We can supply and fit windscreens to most campervans and motorhomes. We are a one stop shop to remove the rust around your windscreen prior to refitting a new windscreen.


Rust Removal

Rust removal is part of our everyday business. If you need to have rust removed and paint applied then we are likely one of the most competitive organisations out there.

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